About Us

Corporate overview

CertifiCall - the mobile services division of NEXIMS sas, is the premier service provider of smart mobile messaging solutions, helping the world's leading organizations succeed by solving their most complex and sensitive mobile messaging and mobile security challenges like fast messaging, securing online services, virtual and cloud access, security of sensitive transactions, digital document validation and signature processes.
Combining business-critical controls in fraud protection and SIEM, CertifiCall offers mobile solutions to deliver information and security codes to millions of users all over the world.

Business Solutions

CertifiCall industry leading solutions are designed to work together to create a systematic approach to managing security, risk and compliance – eliminating the hundreds of security and compliance silos that exists in most organizations today. Our solutions for all online services, automat and face-to-face secured interactions, virtual and cloud computing environments include:

  • Strong Authentication:
    CertifiCall offers a wide range of strong two-factor authentication solutions to help organizations assure user identities and meet compliance requirements. Choices include one-time passwords, risk-based authentication, knowledge-based authentication. CertifiCall authentication solutions are delivered across all types of mobile devices and platforms, out-of-band phone and SMS options.

  • Access Control:
    CertifiCall access control solutions manage access, federate identities and enforce organizational policies across multiple web resources, portals and applications. These solutions make it easy to manage a large number of users while enforcing a centralized security policy that ensures compliance and prevents unauthorized access to corporate systems and sensitive information.

  • User notification & Alerting:
    CertifiCall is the perfect solution to deliver user notification by mobile. Customer alert, employee notification, M2T monitoring, delivery tracking, technical support ticketing, etc... All your important messages are delivered using Premium routes by real-time calls, SMS or Smartphone apps.

  • Data Loss Prevention:
    CertifiCall data loss prevention (DLP) solutions identify and enforce policies to prevent the loss or misuse of sensitive data – whether at rest in a data center, in motion over the network, or in use on a laptop or desktop.

  • Fraud Prevention:
    CertifiCall fraud prevention solutions reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft by assuring user identities, monitoring for high-risk activities and mitigating the damage caused by external threats such as phishing, pharming, Trojans and other cyber threats.Security Information and Event Management (SIEM):
The CertifiCall security information and event management (SIEM) solution transforms raw log and event data into critical information to help organizations simplify compliance, identify and respond to high-risk events, and optimize IT and network operations.

Commitment to Interoperability

The CertifiCall Partner Program enrolls strategic partnerships with industry-leading organizations, CertifiCall is able to integrate its solutions into many diverse environments. The CertifiCall Secured program focuses on interoperability certification activities as well as joint support strategies for our mutual customers. Certification brings added assurance that the solutions we provide are interoperable with industry-leading security products. The program reflects CertifiCall commitment to providing standards-based interoperability and mutual vendor support to customers using our products and solutions.

Standards Development

CertifiCall plays an active leadership role in standards development initiatives – such as the Liberty Alliance, OASIS, IETF and WS-Security. Our current products support a multitude of standards, including RADIUS and SAML. Service and Support Worldwide CertifiCall provides customers with timely responses to their requests and inquiries with 24x7 support from offices located around the globe. Additionally, our CertifiCall Support portal offers anytime, anywhere access to thousands of documents and help guides containing all the latest critical support information to help organizations maximize their investment in CertifiCall technology.

Professional Services

CertifiCall Professional Services helps organizations successfully implement high-value security solutions based on CertifiCall solutions. Leveraging the expertise of its Professional Services organization, CertifiCall brings together the PaaS platforms, services, and know-how necessary to develop and implement a comprehensive information security strategy.


CertifiCall is committed to investing in the ongoing development and improvement of our existing security solutions and bringing new products, ideas, and knowledge to the market.


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