100% PaaS

Why is CertifiCall more efficient than other messaging solutions ?

Smart Router Engine

CertifiCall is based on a Smart Router Engine that dynamically chooses the best route to deliver each and every of your messages with the highest quality and within the shortest delivery time.

This cutting edge software-based routing technology, fully owned and developped by our team, offers an outstanding performance to route high volumes of traffic with the lowest latency / best quality of delivery current Telco networks provide at any given time.

Based on real-time metrics, real user traffic analytics and dynamic routing features, our Smart Router Engine always selects the most appropriate route to optimally deliver your message to its recipient.

Global parallel routing plan

CertifiCall gets the benefit of massive parallel routes to all major Telecom operators. It allows a permanent and simulatneous scan of the availability, QoS and latency of these multiple routes that feed the Smart Router Engine to select the best route to any global destination.

High availability cloud architecture

The CertifiCall platform is currently deployed on multiple tier-1 cloud-based providers to ensure very high availablity of service through multiple points of services without any maintenance window. Connected to hundreds of Operators and service providers over the world, CertifiCall manages multiple routes and routing options simultaneously for permanent global coverage. This global routing plan is updated everyday in order to maintain priority performance while offering the best pricing conditions with a flat / unique / all destinations pricing model.

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CertifiCall is a 100% PaaS solution

CertifiCall allows all your to easily inform, alert or authenticate any mobile user through plug&play applications modules or standard Web APIs.

No list of users to download, no private data to share, your application or Web service sends a simple Web request to the CertifiCall PaaS platform through a secured network.

Each request contains only the necessary parameters to process. No user data is kept on the CertifiCall platform after the request is completed.


Depending on your internal security rules, CertifiCall is a 100% PaaS solution that is provided in two different architectures :
  • as a shared and high-availability platform, available worldwide with Points-of-Services in Europe (FR, EN, NL), Asia (SG, IND), and in the USA,
  • as a private and high-availability platform deployed close to your activity with private core servers and storage.
The CertifiCall private PaaS platform is defined to comply with your security rules.It's designed to cover all your security rules concerning external hosted services and network connections.It's the ideal architecture for sensitive activities, like financial institutions, banks, sensitive industries, governmental agencies, etc.,

The CertifiCall private PaaS platforms are managed in each country by us or local, highly-qualified and ISO-27001 certified providers, who are entitled to provide IT services to large corporations, defense agencies and sensitive businesses. All our current architecture is opened for auditing mission purpose.

Each CertifiCall private PaaS platform is defined in accordance with your security policies and appears into a secured DMZ, monitored by you, connected through VPN between your environment and each of the CertifiCall Point-of-Presence. The global architecture is subject to a security audit to confirm the compliance with your security plan.


A technical team for 24/7 operations, supervision & support (FR, SG)
A network of technical point of services spread across the world (FR, UK, NL, HK, SG, NY) to authenticate your end-users worldwide with the best QoS.
  • High availability guaranteed by contract, based on a massively redundant architecture : PaaS platforms, web services (frontend and backend), telecom gateways
  • Global coverage to all coutries
  • Premium connectivity to major Telcos including production and alternative routing plans
  • 24/7/365 monitoring including Service-to-SIM delivery time