Management tools

Enhanced and secured Management tools

Secured management tools

  • Account parameters, security profiles,
  • User groups & Users profiles,
  • Services settings : scenarios, sender-id, ...
  • Reports generator : multiple output formats,
  • Licences & Credits management : online top up, billing hitory,
  • API documentation.

Real-time Monitoring Tools

  • Dashboard for real-time monitoring of your PaaS points of services,
  • Real-time monitoring tools of the current traffic,
  • Real-time filtering tools to search and analyse specific requests,
  • Automatic transmission of key events to your information system,
  • Statistics tools to monitor the authentication traffic for each of your services and to manage your budget allocations.

24/7 customer support, close to your own teams

  • 24/7 supervision
  • 24/7 customer helpdesk in Europe and Asia, french and english speaking.
  • Ticketing tools for accurate requests management and tracking,
  • Assistance available for : deployment, test, pre-prod, prod and all integration phase
Yes ! Our support team is there for you, anytime.