Mobile App special policy


General Information

Nexims offers the service CertifiCall to allow companies to send messages to end-users on their mobile phones. Messages can be send by SMS, voice calls or using the CertifiCall mobile App.

On the end-user choice, the CertifiCall mobile App allows the end-user to receive the CertifiCall messages through this mobile App instead of receiving them by SMS or voice call.

The CertifiCall App is available for Android Smartphone on the Google Play store and for Apple Smartphones on the Apple App store.

The CertifiCall App is 100% free for end-users, without ads or any in-app purchase.

To be used, the CertifiCall App required a user-enrolment based on the user mobile phone number. The mobile phone number is mandatory to receive the CertifiCall messages sent to this mobile number.
The enrolment process verifies the mobile number by sending a security-code by SMS. Once this security-code is verified, the CertifiCall App is linked to this mobile number and ready to receive all the CertifiCall messages sent to this number.

The enrolment can be canceled at any time by the end-user from the App. Once canceled, the mobile phone number is deleted forever from the App context. The end-user must redo the enrolment process from the beginning in order to receive messages from CertifiCall.

Only one App can be enroled and linked to a single mobile phone at the same time. If the enrolment process is done with success, any other previous CertifiCall mobile App that has been enroled for the same mobile number will be automatically canceled.

Nexims will never use nor share the mobile phone number with any other entity. The mobile phone number is required and used only to identify the end-user App in order to send the CertifiCall messages to the right mobile App.
The CertifiCall App do not need any other personal info (like name ou email address).
The CertifiCall App do not request any access to the Smartphone data or special features.
Nexims and the CertifiCall service will never send any messages to the end-user through the CertifiCall mobile App that has not been requested by the companies that are using the CertifiCall services to send messages to this special mobile phone number.

The Nexims / CertifiCall support team is available at for any question regarding the use of the CertifiCall Mobile App.